About PageRage

PageRage is the first web application that allows Facebook users to place graphic layouts right on top of their existing profile. This virtual layer of artwork is simply laid over the top of your Facebook page and can be modified at any time. The software is all contained within the web browser and has no effect on the underlying page. No HTML or CSS coding knowledge is needed. Simply install Yontoo Layers into your browser and in just seconds you will have access to hundreds of graphic styles, colors and themes to choose from. How it works...

Hundreds of Free Facebook Layouts

PageRage offers tons of different styles, colors, and themes. Show off to your friends a variety of music, movie, floral patterns, emo and dark themes, sports, or tropical layouts. Get political or show support of your favorite cause. There is no copying and pasting of any code. Once the plug-in is installed, select a Facebook layout and the software will load the artwork for you. The installation takes less than a minute and works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
Twilight Facebook layout

Emo Facebook layout

Why do my friends need to install Yontoo Layers?

PageRage is a free download and available to any Facebook user. Remember to tell your friends to install Yontoo Layers. They will need to install it as well in order to see your Facebook layout. This is a technical requirement that creates the appearance of having made changes to the underlying website. The actual layouts appear in your web browser and have no direct effect on your Facebook profile underneath.

Create Your Own Facebook Profile Background

If you can't find a layout you like, create your own. The PageRage background feature allows you to upload the graphic or photo of your choice. The image will become a repeat pattern that displays behind your Facebook profile. You become the designer and can customize your Facebook page to your liking.

The Company

Yontoo Technology, Inc. was founded by a small group of people that had worked together on previous projects and start-ups. We got tired of feeling like there was so much functionality possible for the Web that was not being offered by anyone else, so we decided to provide it ourselves. We've been working on Yontoo since 2006 and are getting extremely excited to launch this software that we've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into. We hope you like our products as much as we do.